25Roundcap screw covers, nut covers, and bolt covers with Seats and Scale
screw caps, screw covers, bolt covers, screws, and threaded washers
nut caps, nut covers, bolt caps, bolt covers, screw caps, screw covers, threaded washers, screws, nuts

Storage Concepts, Inc. home of Screwcap screw covers, Roundcap screw covers and nut covers, and Nutcap nut covers.

Paper Tray Made with Screwcap screw covers, nut covers, bolt covers
Stainless Steel screw caps, screw covers, nut caps, nut covers, bolt caps, bolt covers
This is the home page of Storage Concepts, Inc. screw covers, bolt covers, screw caps, and nut caps.   Above are shown Nutcap nut covers, Screwcap screw covers, and Roundcap screw covers or nut covers showing screws, nuts and bolts they fit over, and examples of items that can be made with Nutcap nut covers, Screwcap screw covers and Roundcap screw or nut covers.

We design and build patented Nutcap, Screwcap, and Roundcap screw covers and nut covers to cover the sharp ends of screws, screw heads, nuts, and rivets. Nutcaps are used as nut covers or nut caps to cover standard size nuts and 2 or 3 threads of the screw or stud sticking out of one end of the nut. Screwcaps are used as screw head covers or screw head caps and are used to cover the head of a screw or a short jam nut on the end of a screw without much screw thread sticking out of the other side. These are lower height or profile than the Nutcaps. Roundcap screw and nut covers are used for things in between such as covering screw heads, or nuts with one or two screw threads sticking out from it or blind rivets. These items can be used to provide an attractive and protective cap or cover for both ends of standard threaded fasteners.

Screwcap, Roundcap, and Nutcap screw and nut covers are great for building playground furniture, knockdown furniture, or any furniture with or without glued joints.  Nutcap, Screwcap, and Roundcap screw and nut covers are also used in architecture and architectural design, steel fabrication, signs, exhibits, etc.  They can be both decorative and also protective and used for covering sharp screw ends and sharp or broken rivet ends or heads on machinery, fixtures, transportation equipment, wheelchairs, trucks, etc.

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